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What our members are saying!

I love the variety of skills on offer and it is great to watch many different tutors all with their own methods and strengths.... each bringing something different to cake dec TV. Also there is a wide variety of themes so you can guarantee there will be lots of tutorials of interest!

The emails I receive are so informative and well laid out. They are full of useful information from showing new skills to the latest equipment available to purchase. The cost is really low for the monthly subscription and I love that it gives me a discount on any purchases.

All the sugar flowers, specifically the sweet pea. My mum has always loved seeet peas so I thought I would try them for her birthday cake. She instantly recognised what they where and still has them today. It was the first time I had ever made sweet peas and I was so proud with how they came out. I wouldn’t have known where to start without the tutorial (or what to buy, but the shopping list sorted that out).

The easy step by step instructions, and been able to follow at my own speed taking in everything they are explaining

The tutorials are so well set out and encouraging that even someone new to baking like myself can try new things comfortably at their own pace.

I love making cakes but also love the creativity and artistic skills used when making sugar craft models. It's so therapeutic to watch and I have learned so much from being a member. Each cake is made with so much passion it inspires me to take myself out my comfort zone and try new things.

I was already a member of Cake Decorating store and have always found them very good. When I saw Cake Decorating TV, I knew that it would be worth while, and I was correct. The items shown are very good and extremely helpful, with great details.

The tutorials I keep going to back to watch are the very simple ones like covering a cake! Even though I have done it quite a few times now I sometimes still make errors and so find it really useful to revisit the tutorials as you only really get one opportunity to cover a cake! I do enjoy watching the more complex cake ones and are often amazed how simple some of the techniques are that are used in order to achieve quite an impressive effect.

I love watching the videos and try to create some of your cakes. I am only a beginner but am fascinated at the things you can do

I had been on a couple of cake decorating courses and really enjoyed them and I wanted to learn more. Joining Cake Decorating TV helped me to do this.

The “know how to” videos are excellent. I find it really helpful to actually see how it’s done rather than just following written instructions. It’s also good to see that experienced professionals need to occasionally improvise, or correct imperfections as they go along

To learn from the professionals who give all their time and expertise in every video in a format that everyone (no matter how experienced) can understand. I just love all the videos and watch them all numerous times over

I’m a hobby baker, but always looking to improve my decorating skills and strive for perfection. The tutorials are a great way to get tips and tricks that can be applied across all my cakes. It also helps with ideas.

I joined so that I could become a member of the fastest learning online learning service that I have found with a vast array of professionals that are willing to share their skills and superb knowledge of the Sugarcraft industry

I receive cake decorating magazine monthly through the post and each month I used to see advertised Cake Dec TV and I just knew I had to become a member, since joining I have learned so much from the tutorials, picked up lots of tips and I have even incorporated to a lot of my cakes I have made.

The decorators keep me engaged in each of their projects with interesting tips and techniques from beginning to end. Love the sub categories menu, makes my search much easier.

I really enjoy the many and varied tutorials there are starting from the very basics of cake decorating to the more challenging. I like how there are different styles in the many tutorials and also how they keep you up to date on the current trends. The different tutorials help give me lots of ideas when designing and putting together cupcakes or cakes for someone.

It’s informative and you can see what is being done, books are really useful but you are aiming for a picture each time. From watching the videos you can gauge which bits are tricky (and that things don’t always go perfectly first time for professionals). Given it’s online and recorded it means that I am able to watch and learn the skills when I have time to (and sometimes when I can’t sleep). With a full time job in London it’s hard for me to attend courses. It’s also great that you don’t feel like you have to keep up, like you would in a course, you can just pause the video.

The clear instructions given by all tutors which gives me the confidence to try something different every time with excellent results

I love the diverse sections of decorating different things. It is so interesting and I never get tired of watching the videos. There are always different teachers giving their time to show us all what to do and make us feel as if we can all do it if we try hard enough. We can go back to the videos over and over. Whereas going to a live lesson it is hard to remember everything being taught.

All equipment is clearly shown and explained of their many uses. Your varied presenters clearly show how to complete a project no matter how easy or hard it may be

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