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Chocolate Masterclass With Le Cordon Bleu, London

With Le Cordon Bleu

Difficulty Hard

Broken Video?

Watch Chef Jérôme Pendaries from cookery school Le Corden Bleu and be amazed on how he creates a wondrous selection of skillful chocolate decorations. He will demonstrate with clear visual instructions expressing the importance of a suitable working environment, understanding and tempering chocolate, how to make delicate flowers, chocolate roses, lace butterflies and so much more. It is truly awe inspiring as the masterpiece all comes together and don’t forget to download your copy of ‘A Day Of Chocolate’ with all the top tips and tricks from the video. To watch more from the Culinary School of ‘Le Corden Bleu’ with more ideas on decorations, then check out our other videos below.

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Callebaut Plain Chocolate Couverture Chips

8 Large Sheets Of Double Sided Silicone Paper (folded)

Plain Double Egg Mould (In video chef's own)

Chocolate Temperature Thermometer (in video chef's own)

PME 13" Angled Blade (Cranked) Palette Knife

PME Angled Blade / Cranked Palette Knife (9 Inch)

Plain Plastic Side Scraper

Little Venice Cake Company Midi Soft Grip Scissors

Bake 'n' Roast Baking Sheet 36 x 26 x 1cm (Utensa)

3 PACKS Of Easybake Greaseproof Bags - Small 4.75"

12 Inch Pack Of 72 Blue Disposable Plastic Savoy Bags

Pme Sugarcraft Knife With Insertion Blade

16 Inch Non-Stick Rolling Pin

3 Inch Deep Food Ring

Shaped Former

150g Pack of Cocoform Modelling Chocolate

150g Pack of Cocoform Modelling Chocolate

Lace Trellis Chains Embossing Sheet (in video chef's own)

Gold Round Cake Drums / Cake Boards (Has customer requested a box?)

Melted Tempered Chocolate

Silicon Spatula (purchase locally)

Metal Bowl (purchase locally)

Bain- Marie (a saucepan of hot water to help melt the chocolate)

Bowl Of Cold Water (to help cool the chocolate)

Tea Towel (purchase locally)

Heating source (gas, electric, microwave, induction)

Cooking Rings (for bowl of chocolate to sit on)

Cotton Wool (purchase locally)

Metal Ladle (to pour chocolate)

2 x Food-grade Plastic Chopping Boards (purchase locally)

Kitchen Towel (purchase locally)

Large Metal Ring (to cut texture base)

Various Sharp Kitchen Knives (purchase locally)

Butterfly & Leaf Templates (source from internet)

Acetate Squares & Strips (for making all decorations)

Dessert Spoon (purchase locally)

Magnets (optional - in video chef's own)

Baguette Tray (optional - in video chef's own)

Food-Grade Chocolate Freeze Spray (purchase locally)

Small Set chocolate Disc (piped ready for assembling open flower)

Toothpicks (optional for adding texture to rose petals)

Sandwich Bag (keeping chocolate petals fresh)

'A Day Of Chocolate' Free Download

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